Cleaning Brass

Brass is a combination of copper metal with zinc metal which has copper content between 60-95 percent by mass. Generally, this brass material is used to make bed frames, musical instruments, lighting, lamps, candleholders, and other decorations. If brass furniture or objects are not treated with rub n buff or varnished, they will quickly become dirty and stained. Then, how to clean the right brass object? Here’s how to clean brass objects and furniture.

It is important to know how to clean lacquered brass objects and furniture. If brass is varnished, you should not polish it, but just clean it. You can tell if objects and furniture have been varnished by looking at the clear coating on the object. Usually, once varnished, the stain will only appear on the varnished surface. The most important step in cleaning brass is to clean it regularly using a soft-textured cloth. You don’t need water to clean lacquered brass.

However, if you want to clean stubborn stains, simply wet the surface of the object with a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Do not use hot water as this can damage the varnish. Next, wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove any remaining soap and water. Unvarnished brass is easily stained. If you want to keep it shiny, it needs to be polished regularly. The following are the materials and methods for polishing brass: Materials needed are cotton cloth, brass polish, toothbrush, and cotton gloves (optional).

First, make sure the surface of the brass object is clean of all dust and dirt before polishing it. Second, put on gloves and place the brass polish on the cotton cloth. Then, rub the dirty stain on the surface of the object. Using gloves can protect your hands from stains, oil, polish, as well as dirt, and dust. Third, use a toothbrush to gently scrub hard-to-reach areas such as dents in brass, which are stained. Fourth, after all the stains are gone, continue to rub the brass surface to remove any remaining paint while making the object look shinier.

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