Keep These Things in Mind Before Trying Out to Lose the Weight!

Who does not want a weight loss diet to work? Of course, there are many ways that we can get the desired weight quickly. Actually, the important is not the fast or slow diet but whether or not healthy weight loss we experience. If you think about healthy diet, then you may not focus only on being able to lose the weight. Yes, it doesn’t matter to take best weight loss supplements but ensure you know how maintaining your body healthy is even more important than reaching the weight loss target. If you want to lose 30 pounds in month, you can visit our website.

Generally, in weight loss diet we only focus on the numbers on the scale yes. Though there are 3 important things that indicate that our weight down with a healthy. If we focus only on weight alone, then the indicator may not reflect the actual physical condition of the body. For that throw away the assumption, that the indicator of body weight alone is the result of a healthy diet. Need to know, there are three basic things to be considered in healthy weight loss, namely:

Body mass index

body mass index is able to reflect the physical condition of our body by paying attention to the ratio of height and weight. If we only see the weight alone, then it could be the weight we want is still less or excessive for our body height. Normal body mass index values ​​will be an indicator of the success of a healthy diet that is appropriate because it adjusts weight by height.

Waist size

If BMI is normal, then the indicator of healthy weight loss next is waist circumference. This is closely related to the risk of degenerative diseases. For that, a healthy diet is able to produce waist circumference value that is less than 89 cm for women and 100 cm for men.

Not focusing on ideal body weight

Ideal weight produces only one weight value only. This will make us focus on one number or target only. So indirectly make us become depressed with the ideal weight target that is generally difficult to achieve. For that ideal weight is not recommended as a healthy diet target. Use the weight range on normal BMI for healthy weight targets.