Depression In Teens

Depression in adolescents is a serious condition that can affect the emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Although depression in adolescents is not medically different from adult depression, teens often have no symptoms and unique challenges. Concerns such as match stress, academic expectations and changes in body shape can be a time up and down emotionally for teens. But for some teens, the time period down emotionally is not the feeling of the moment but to be signs of depression. Depression is also named with major depression or major depressive disorder, major depression is not a weakness or something that can be overcome with willpower alone. Like depression in adults, depression in adolescents is a health condition that can lead to bad consequences. however, for most adolescents, the symptoms of depression in adolescents can disappear with treatment, for example by treatment of psychological counseling, as practiced by ayahuasca as a community that helps people to get out of the path of depression. A community that is in peru iowaska, has a commitment to healing those who are sick in soul.

You have to look at the sons of you, if they show signs such as sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in certain activities, to feel his feelings hurt, frustrated or feel anger, even on small problems Difficult to sleep or too much sleep, changes in appetite, Depression often causes a decrease in appetite and weight, but in some people, depression can lead to increased appetite and weight gain. Restlessness or can not relax — eg, pacing, hand wringing or unable to sit still. Slow to think, talk and move the body, fatigue, fatigue and strength spent — even small tasks seemed very draining, felt like worthlessness or guilt, feeling deep guilt on mistakes made, or blame themselves when things do not go correctly.

Problematic when it came to thinking, concentrations of making decisions and remembering things. Often thought about death, dying or suicide. Crying with no apparent reason, pain in the body unexplained eg back pain and headaches. Has disruptive behavior problems, especially in boys, anxiety, too cool to pay attention to certain body parts and her appearance in a way that is excessive, particularly in young women. Depression in teenagers often occurs along with behavior problems and other mental health problems for example anxiety or attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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