FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, November 11, 2013

CONTACT: Bonifacio Aleman, Executive Director, (502)-252-1728

With Strikes Protesting America’s Largest Retailer Expanding,
KY Jobs with Justice calls on Community to Support Walmart Associates and Join the Movement for Workers’ Rights
Walmart Faces Strikes among Workers in its Stores, Warehouses and Distribution Centers It Controls as Workers Speak Up

Local Community Supporters in Louisville Join Striking Workers Across the Country to Call on Walmart to be Accountable to Workers and the Community


Louisville, KY –As workers from Walmart’s stores, OUR Walmart, UFCW Local 227, and Kentucky Jobs with Justice gear up for the biggest shopping day of the year and the biggest wave of strikes, community protests, and actions across the country on Black Friday, news broke that there is a pending deal to bring a Walmart to the corner of 18th & Broadway

Walmart has continuously come under fire for its scandalous behavior, including bribing local officials in Mexico and turning a blind eye to factory conditions along its supply chain that led to thousands of worker deaths.  In the US, the company is still under investigation by the National Labor Relations Board after workers were fired this past summer for exercising their right-to-organize.

Bonifacio Aleman, Executive Director of Kentucky Jobs with Justice, says that, “Walmart is only welcome in West Louisville if they agree to pay a living wage, hire local workers, and not interfere with its’ workers’ right to organize.”  Aleman further stated that, “We will be hosting a series of town-hall style meetings in West Louisville in the coming months outlining options that are present for the community to hold Walmart accountable and build a strong and vibrant city.  We will also be reaching out to community leaders, residents, allies, friends, and our members to join us at the table.”

Kentucky Jobs with Justice is choosing this moment to stand up to Walmart because as the largest U.S. employer, Walmart sets the standard not just for the retail and service industries, but for the economy as a whole. Walmart’s poor labor practices and standards put pressure on many other businesses to lower wages and benefits in order to compete. The result is a Walmart economy where our jobs, health care, and labor standards have all downgraded.

Kentucky Jobs with Justice sends a clear “Thank You” to Councilwoman Scott for being honest, accountable, and transparent in her unwavering support for working people.  As reported by WFPL news, Councilwoman Attica Scott has taken a strong stand on behalf of workers and workers’ rights, saying that, "I will speak vehemently against Walmart unless we have some real solid concessions," [Councilwoman Attica Scott] says. “One being that employees coming into Walmart will be local workers from within a 2-3 mile radius of his big box retailer, that Walmart will pay a living wage and Walmart allow workers to form a union."

“I encourage anyone who is interested, concerned, or who may want more information, to join us on Black Friday as we stand with Walmart workers in calling for a fair wage, an end to the retaliations, and consistent hours.  That’s a good first step.  We will be meeting at UFCW Local 227, 3330 Pinecroft Drive, Louisville, KY 40219,” says Jackie Floyd, Kentucky Jobs with Justice Executive Board Member.  For more information: