The Dangers Of Using Baby Rockers

In the first days of your little one’s birth, parents must be so busy taking care of their baby that they hardly have time for themselves. Especially if your parent’s baby is the type of baby who likes to be rocked or carried to sleep, parents may have more trouble. Therefore, some parents decided to buy the best baby rocker in 2022.

Entering the age of 3 months, babies generally become more active and begin to like observing objects around them. During this time, parents can start playing with the toys or musical features found in the baby’s rocker. It also aims to stimulate the baby’s eyes and motor development.

The dangers of using a baby rocker

1. Shortness of breath
Although in terms of the benefits of the baby rocker, it promises a fairly helpful function, this tool also has risks. The use of baby rockers without supervision is said to be able to be fatal, such as causing the baby to experience shortness of breath, and even risk choking.

Generally, babies under the age of 6 months have not been able to lift their heads when in a lying position. If the position of the chin is too close to the chest, the baby’s breathing can be disturbed so that the baby can experience shortness of breath.

2. Risk of injury
Especially for babies aged 3 months and over, putting it in the rocker has the risk of making it fall even though it has been installed with a safety guard. This is because, at this age, babies begin to move actively and like to explore objects around them, such as reaching for something, or other forms of exploration.

It is feared that baby movements like this can make the rocker shift and then roll to the side or forward so that the baby can fall. Injuries experienced by babies can vary, ranging from bruises, scratches, to serious injuries such as disturbances in the head or even broken bones.

3. Baby head
Babies have bones that are still soft and not fully formed, especially the bones in the head area. Leaning in the same position with repeated intensity for a long period risks making the baby’s headache.